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Acupuncture is the major branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine from over 3000 years ago. It involves the insertion of fine, sterile needles specific parts of the body to stimulate signals in the brain to promote healing and blood circulation. Acupuncture is safe and effective and painless form of medicine that can treat more than 300 different medical conditions.

Services include:


Cupping is a type of therapy used alone or in combination with Acupuncture that stimulates and disperses muscle tension especially in the most common regions like the neck, back, and shoulders. It is also great for fighting off colds and flu.

Tuina Massage

Also a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which the practitioner uses specific manipulative massage techniques on the patient to regulate Qi and blood flow and disperse any musculoskeletal conditions.


A very effective form of treatment in which the Artemisia Vulgaris (commonly known as Mugwort) herb is heated and placed directly or indirectly on specific acupuncture meridian points on the body to produce warmth and promote energy and blood circulation. It is especially great for women’s health issues and digestive conditions as well as people who are naturally weak in constitution.

Facial Rejuvenation / Cosmetic Acupuncture

Used to prevent and correct the signs of aging on the face and to treat skin conditions. It is a very safe, painless and effective treatment to rejuvenate the face from life's stresses as well as create balance and harmony in the whole body. Facial rejuvenation works on erasing fine lines and wrinkles as well as softening deeper lines. It is effective in treating scars, acne and dark circles under the eyes. It helps to improve muscle tone in the face and neck as well as increase collagen production, which aids in helping to form the skin and fill out unwanted wrinkles.

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